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Guess what private companies will do in future after being sued for data breaches?

Medibank sued after 9.7m Aussies have data stolen in Russian cyber attack

And so, here is the Hegelian dialectic which is continuously employed by the Cabal:

The Problem:

Health insurance giant Medibank is being sued by the information watchdog after the personal information of 9.7 million Australians was stolen.

In a statement, the Commissioner alleged Medibank had failed to take reasonable steps to protect the information from misuse from March 2021 until the attack.

“The release of personal information on the dark web exposed a large number of Australians to the likelihood of serious harm, including potential emotional distress and the material risk of identity theft, extortion and financial crime,” acting Commissioner Elizabeth Tydd said.

The Reaction

“We allege Medibank failed to take reasonable steps to protect personal information it held given its size, resources, the nature and volume of the sensitive and personal information it handled, and the risk of serious harm for an individual in the case of a breach.”

... and The Solution is...ta-da...

Demand Digital ID for “security.”


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