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Matthew Ehret: Gnostic cults masquerading as Christian movements promoting Zionism

Having described that without the force of numerous anti-Semitic fascists throughout the last two centuries, Zionism would have never been possible, Matthew Ehret continued to set the scene by describing “apostolic” cults operating under the banner of Christianity which contributed to the belief that all Jews should be sent to Palestine.

These gnostic cults included The Plymouth Brethren and a tightly knit network of Anglican/Jesuit intelligence operatives. Not forgetting the British Israelis who believed that the 10 lost Tribes of Israel settled in Britain.

Ehret recently wrote an essay titled ‘Sir Henry Kissinger: Midwife to New Babylondescribing how Henry Kissinger’s 2012 prophecy that “in 10 years, there will be no more Israel” is linked to mystical Babylon.

As his essay is more than most would read in one sitting, we are republishing it in sections over a series of articles, you can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.  The following are sections of Ehret’s essay with the same titles.  You can read his full essay HERE.

The Plymouth Brethren Gnostic Overhaul of Christianity

The Plymouth Brethren were a gnostic sect of pseudo-Christians founded in 1829 by an agent of the British East India Company named Anthony Norris Groves. Groves was sent to the Ottoman Empire and then India in 1830 as an orientalist engaged in recruiting young elites to train in British universities while carrying out espionage under the banner of Christian missionary work. Groves was soon joined by John Nelson Darby (godson of Admiral Horatio Nelson and father of modern rapture theology).

Darby, who considered himself a prophet, conducted six tours of the US seeding his doctrine into dozens of gnostic cults. Each one taught followers to interpret Bible prophecy the same way. This obviously required sending all Jews to Palestine, at which point a “secret rapture” for believers would unfold – followed by a hellscape of pain for heathens left to burn under the fires of global war and the anti-Christ.

Of course, in 1856, Darby’s prophetic gifts taught him that Russia – then Britain’s dominant nemesis after the US – was the anti-Christ and that the Civil War was a sign of the End Times. Darby went so far as to encourage his American followers not to fight to save the union since that would go against God’s will (to blow up the universe). Instead, he believed they should wait like good passive sheep atop their barns to be beamed up to heaven.

Among those American Christian movements influenced (and even created by Darby and the Plymouth Brethren sect), we have Cyrus Scofield. His 1909 reference bible became the most popular in the US during the 20th century and drew heavily upon Darby’s works.

Darby’s influence can also be seen in the works of Charles Fox Parham (the founder of Pentecostalism), George Pember, (the originator of the “fallen Nephilim” interpretation of demonology now advanced by the alien disclosure movement), Dwight Lyman Moody (founder Moody Bible College), and James Hall Brookes (founding father and president of the Niagara Bible Conference, which helped spread Dispensationalism across America).

The 1826 Albury Conferences on Prophecy

The Plymouth Brethren emerged onto the scene in tandem with a tightly knit network of Anglican/Jesuit intelligence operatives who operated under the leadership of 1) Henry Drummond (financier and co-founder of the New Apostolic Church founded in 1834), 2) Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, and 3) John Nelson Darby (founder of the “Exclusive Brethren” Plymouth Brethren and leader of the sect).

In fact, the entire Christian Zionist movement of war-pushing, faith-healing, rapture-loving preachers from John Hagee to Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson all sit on foundations created by Darby’s Plymouth Brethren – not the Bible.

Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper was a follower of Henry Drummond, who devoted himself to the cause of “Premillennial Dispensationalism” soon after a series of conferences on prophecy were held between 1826 and 1830. They were dubbed “The Albury Conferences.”

These conferences, overseen by Drummond at a vast estate he purchased featuring 70 bedrooms in Surrey, England, included leading figures of London’s gnostic intelligentsia. This included occultists Robert Haldane and Sir Thomas Carlyle, both of whom went on to become 12 “apostles/prophets” of the New Apostolic Catholic Church created by Drummond and George Irving in 1830.

The Albury Conferences themselves were sparked by the rediscovery of the writings of the influential Jesuit Francisco Ribera (1537-1591) of Salamanca, who played a major role in the Council of Trent of 1545, which ensured never-ending wars between Catholics and Protestants. This council and its Jesuit controllers are sometimes called ‘the counter-reformation.’

A Jesuit Sleight of Hand Sets the Stage for Zionism

Ribera’s primary task was to create an intellectual argument in opposition to the Protestant affirmation that the end times were now (i.e. 545) and that the Whore of Babylon described in the Book of Revelation was the Catholic Church. Ribera’s solution was simple: make the case why the events of Revelation were neither in the present nor in the past (the majority of Christians at the time believed that the subject of the “Whore of Babylon” was Nero’s Rome). Rather, he argued, they were to take place at some distant moment in the future.

Jesuit grand strategist and true father of Christian Zionism Francisco Ribera (1537-1591).
Note the Templar Cross. That will make more sense later.

Moreover, in his 500-page treatise ‘In Sacrum Beati Ioannis Apostoli, & Evangelistiae Apocalypsin Commentari’, Ribera explained that the signs of the end times would only occur when the temple of Solomon, destroyed in 70 CE during the first Roman Jewish War, was rebuilt (additionally implying the restoration of Jews to their homeland). Ribera’s writings became known as the ‘Futurist School of Pre-Millennial Dispensationalism’, from which arose such modern perversions of Christian-Zionism, Rapture theology, and the diverse array of End Times Cultists of Christian and Jewish brands in our modern era.

By the early 17th century, Ribera’s writings had fallen into obscurity. They were only rediscovered when S.R. Maitland (Keeper of Manuscripts for the Archbishop of Canterbury) found himself working in the Vatican archives. Maitland believed the Jesuitical concepts were revolutionary, and they inspired him to write books on the anti-Christ and End Times in the form of ‘An Inquiry into the Grounds of the Prophetic Period in Daniel and St, John’ (1826), ‘A Second Inquiry’ (1829), and ‘An Attempt to Elucidate the Prophecies Concerning Anti-Christ’ (1830).

Perhaps most importantly, Ribera’s eschatology lent itself to the geopolitical aims of a British Empire struggling to 1) prevent the spread of independence movements across the world that followed America’s lead and 2) maintain a system of global enslavement with India, Russia, Egypt, China, and the Ottoman Empire as prime targets.

The obvious danger of the renewal of Silk Road routes of cooperation connecting these ancient civilisational states would be a disaster for the British Empire’s ambitions to become a New Roman Empire retaining control through divide-to-conquer tactics.

The Cabalistic Fraud of Apostolic End Times Cults

Echoing a similar gnostic “secret doctrine” that paralleled the Cabalistic traditions of “exoteric” (public) Torah and esoteric (hidden/oral) Torah, these self-professed “apostles” claimed to hold prophetic gifts and that they could interact with angels and Jesus through what they called “the holy spirit” (a practice commonly involving going into self-induced trances and speaking in uncontrolled gibberish/tongues).

Dozens of End Times cults splintered off from this source. Various prophets like Edward Irving (founder of the Irvingites), John Dowie (founder of Zion Illinois), John Darby (founder of Exclusive Brethren), Charles Parham (founder of Pentecostalism), Joseph Smith of the Mormons, and Dwight L. Moody (founder of Moody Bible College) created occult societies masquerading as “Christian” movements.

The thread tying these new sects together tended to revolve around 1) rapture interpretations of the Bible, 2) the restoration of the Jews to the Holy Land, and, in most cases, 3) the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple.

Were these actions to occur, it was taught by those with “special gnostic knowledge,” the apocalyptic End Times would be invoked. The dual origins of Christian Zionism and End Times rapture theology are found here – not in the Bible.

The Fraud of British Israelism

It is also noteworthy that many of these “apostolic” cult creators were also devotees of “British Israelism,” which claimed that the 10 lost Tribes of Israel actually settled in Britain, and the British Royal family was directly descended from the House of David – the “secret children” of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Films such as Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ and the popular book ‘Holy Blood Holy Grail’ made these actual beliefs of the oligarchy into articles of popular mythology in the minds of plebian consumers.

Most people watching King Charles III sprinkled with water from the River Jordan during his coronation had no idea what insane symbolism was occurring. In the mind of Charles and the broader oligarchy he represents, this ritual symbolises Charles as the blood heir to the throne of Christ himself. The choice to carry a metallic globe and cross symbolising his divine right to rule the entire globe as prima inter pares (first among equals) – a symbol of the Holy Roman Emperor – should also not be ignored (see image below).

In 1834, British Israelite Henry Drummond stated that “The majority of what was called the religious world, disbelieved that the Jews were to be restored to their own land and that the Lord Jesus Christ was to return and reign in person on this earth.”

Part 4 in our series is the sections of Ehret’s essay titled ‘The Logic of England’s Use of Zionism’ and ‘Templars, Mithra, and the Roots of the Palestinian Exploration Fund’.

About the Author

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Canadian Patriot Review, a Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow, and Director of ‘The Rising Tide Foundation’. He has authored three volumes of the ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series and four volumes of the ‘Clash of the Two Americas’. He hosts ‘Connecting the Dots’ on TNT Radio, ‘Breaking History’ on Badlands Media, and ‘The Great Game’ on Rogue News.


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