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Millions Demand Bill Gates Is Arrested For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ After Covid Profiteering Expose

A viral social media post revealing the extraordinary amount of money Bill Gates profited from the Covid pandemic was viewed millions times in just two days as the people of the world continue to wake up to the crimes of the globalist elite.

Popular X account Pelham shared the post, writing, “Bill Gates purchased shares in BioNTech (Pfizer’s partner for its mRNA Covid shots) in September 2019… just months before the pandemic was announced…”

“Gates purchased 1,038,674 shares at pre-public offering price of $18.10 per share…” the user explained.

The post continued, “Gates dumped his stocks, in November 2021 at an average sale price of $300 per share… Gates on the same day said, ‘We need a new way of doing the vaccines, because the vaccines *didn’t stop transmission*’ despite all of his previous claims to the contrary. It’s almost like Gates knew Covid-19 was going to be released, and he also knew the vaccines were never designed to stop transmission.”


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