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Millions of innocent people are now suffering from "vaccination guilt" as the media and governments finally admit the harmful and deadly side effects of the Convid vaccines.

Yes, it feels terrible finally realising that your Government intentionally killed and permanently injured millions of innocent people including children.

Remember, when we tried to warn you they accused us of "medical disinformation", arrested us, deplatformed us, censored us and the persecution continues even though it is widely acknowledged that we were right!

😢PS. This article is very sad. Read it. Sadly there are millions of Aussies who are now suffering from irreversible "vaccine guilt".

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11 de jun.

very sad ? is it really true. ALL people that i know is not anguish at being vaxxed. More then enough proof for me to doubt this article. Myself, Fatima, Cassiem Insaaf were all vaxxed and NO ANGUISH. NO DEADLY SIDE EFFECTS ALSO.

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