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New Zealand Whistleblower Reveals Shocking Number of Covid Vaccine Deaths

An administrator overseeing New Zealand’s Covid vaccine database has come forward as a whistleblower and is disclosing that a concerning proportion of individuals who received the Covid vaccine died shortly afterward.

A breakdown of the data based on vaccine batches was provided by the whistleblower. He claims that in the first batch, consisting of 711 vaccinated individuals, 152, or 21 percent, died soon after. Notably, the majority of the vaccine batches were Pfizer doses, he says.

Further analysis by the whistleblower extended to those administering the shots and the recipients, revealing alarming figures.

One vaccinator administered shots to 621 individuals, and of those, 104, or 17 percent, died, as per the whistleblower’s information.

Expressing deep concern, “This should never happen,” he said, adding that the percentage who die from what would be a normal vaccination administration would be 0.75 percent.

The whistleblower argued that, unless “they were going around” in cancer wards and injecting terminally ill patients they knew were going to die, “there is no other explanation” than the individuals dying from the shots.”

World Tribune says that it was noted in Revolver News: “What’s happening now is that we’re slowly learning about the vaccine implications across all different age groups because the batches are different.

“Hopefully, we see this truth playing out in courts, and there will be ultimate accountability when all is said and done. The only true justice for many will be seeing Dr. Anthony Fauci in an orange jumpsuit behind prison bars.”


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