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Optus Hack and Outage Links To Digital ID and CBDC Exposed


Let's Talk About Optus and the real reason why the 'outage' occurred.


On 8th November 2023 a nationwide telecommunications outage in Australia of one of the biggest carriers of phone and internet, "Optus" took place. The company still has no idea what happened and why. This outage affected millions of customers across the country including banks, specifically ANZ and Commonwealth Bank, as well as retail phone and internet customers with nobody being able to make or receive calls or go online or complete transactions.

In this explosive investigation with supporting evidence (links below), it is uncovered that there was NO outage. The same way that there was no Optus hack in 2022.

The Truth is Former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian who was found guilty of corruption and betrayal of public trust was installed inside Optus with only the CEO to answer to. Gladys orchestrated the Optus hack in 2022 to then generate a use case to implement full scale Digital ID and mass surveillance systems as planned by the New World Order and Operation Lockstep.

Then in November 2023 as part of the next phase of Operation Lockstep, services of Optus were purposefully taken offline so that it would also generate another use case for offline payment solutions that do not involve cash. But rather a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that can be used offline which coincides with the completion of the Reserve Bank of Australia pilot program in collaboration with ANZ and Commonwealth Bank just 2 weeks prior to the outage.

During the following week of Monday 13th November 2023 it is expected that the push for further reforms in the law of mass surveillance, digital id and especially CBDC bolstered by the purposefully created need for offline payment processing by the Optus outage will be pushed by government and the media on the public.

Furthermore, Optus will continue to state "they don't know what happened" for 2 reasons. a) they just turned their systems off on purpose b) it is to create fear and uncertainty in the market and they will peddle that to justify a payment redundancy of the CBDC offline payment system to be rolled out by the same banks that participated in the pilot program and by coincidence were supposedly affected by the 'outage'.

Problem -> Reaction -> Solution.

(All manufactured)

All sources used in this video are found below. Everyone is strongly encouraged to do your own independent research and come to your own conclusions.




* Australian Political Crime Family Responsbile For COVID Exposed


* 2022 Optus data breach - Wikipedia

* Optus appoints Gladys Berejiklian to its Executive Team in a new role as Managing Director, Enterprise, Business and Institutional

* The biggest hack in history: Australians scramble to change passports and driver licences after Optus telco data debacle

* Optus network outage may have been caused by same issue that brought Facebook down in 2021


* Research Project Exploring Use Cases for CBDC

* Australian Central Bank Digital Currency Pilot Project

* Central banks tangle with the digital currency conundrum

* Partnership at the heart of digital $AUD trial for Reserve Bank


* Icac finds former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian and Daryl Maguire engaged in serious corrupt conduct

* ‘They’re dodgy’: Gladys Berejiklian warned secret boyfriend about associates in tapped phone calls played to Icac

* NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian Found Guilty Of Corruption


* Australian Cyber Conference 2023


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