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Argentina 'Will Not Join BRICS,' Declares Milei's

Incoming Foreign Minister

In her recent remarks, Mondino stated emphatically, "We will not join the BRICS." Argentina's attempt to join this political axis was previously announced but never materialized.

In a conversation with Benzinga, the future minister said, "The invitation to the BRICs has not yet been accepted. The BRICS are still not a commercial bloc; for now, it is more akin to a political alignment, and in Argentina, we hope to achieve multilateralism, and not align ourselves with one group of countries or another."

Historically, Argentina has maintained a neutral stance in international conflicts, affording it greater commercial flexibility and opportunities. The outgoing government, in contrast, demonstrated a firm inclination towards closer ties with China and Russia, and the controversial pact with Iran is hard to forget.

With figures like Pope Francis, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, and now Javier Milei, many believe this could be the political and macroeconomic turnaround that steers Argentina back to its former glory. Argentine stocks are already showing signs of recovery, with values rising between 30% and 60%.

The focus now shifts to Milei's forthcoming steps, the definitive team announcement on Dec. 10, and the international relationships that Mondino will seek to establish and strengthen.

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