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Slovakia: Prime Minister launches investigation into the “whole covid circus” and chooses an “anti-vaxxer” to lead it

“Have you seen the statistics on how our deaths from various cardiovascular events have risen because of vaccinations?” Prime Minister Robert Fico asked the Slovak parliament.

“The Slovak public simply needs an answer. Needs an answer about vaccination, what it actually was. Why people were vaccinated with various experimental vaccines. Why all sorts of drugs were pushed into people,” he said. 

“We have decided to create an Office of the Government Plenipotentiary to deal with these issues,” he said. Adding that the Plenipotentiary or Proxy, Dr. P Peter Kotlár, who had been appointed “today” had also been empowered to obtain information from various institutions.

“We will publish and tell the Slovak public what really happened during this covid period,”  Mr. Fico said. 

“We know one thing today: the previous governments have completely failed covid-19 and have 21,000 dead people on their hands and have made, apparently, a huge amount of money on the unnecessary purchase of various medical devices [supplies] and vaccines.”

We have been unable to definitively ascertain when Prime Minister Fico made his speech.  The earliest post we could find was a tweet in German dated 23 January 2024. However, as you will read in the text below the video, Dr. Kotlár was appointed on 18 January, suggesting that this is when Mr. Fico made this speech in parliament announcing an investigation into the “whole covid circus.”

Český List: Fico declares war on Covidiotism and launches investigation into covid pandemic and covid vaccines, 23 January 2024 (4 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube, you can watch it on Odysee HERE.

Robert Fico was appointed as Slovakia’s Prime Minister for the fourth time on 25 October 2023 after his Slovenská Sociálna Demokracia (“SMER”) party won the election on 30 September and formed a coalition with the centre-left Sociálna Demokracia (“HLAS”) and nationalist Slovenská Národná Strana (“SNS”) parties.

On 17 November, during a speech at the SMER party conference, he stated that he would not support strengthening the powers of the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) at the expense of sovereign states in the fight against pandemics. “Only insane pharmaceutical companies could come up with such nonsense,” he said.

On 18 January 2024, SNS Member of Parliament Dr. P Peter Kotlár was appointed as the government’s official proxy to lead the inquiry into the management of the covid pandemic. Kotlár says he intends to head the investigation in cooperation with an expert team of scientists, doctors and lawyers.

In an article intended to defend covid measures and the false covid narrative, The Slovak Spectator spuriously labelled Dr. Kotlár as a “known anti-vaxxer.” 

“Kotlár has long been involved in the internet video streaming operation TV Slovan, which propagates distorted claims and hoaxes. Speaking on air, he claimed that he had never been vaccinated, even though he was a health professional. Neither of his children have been vaccinated,” The Slovak Spectator wrote.

Elements within the Slovak parliament are joining in with media outlets to protect the narrative.  Progressive Slovakia (Slovak: Progresívne Slovensko) Member of Parliament Oskar Dvořák disagreed with Kotlár’s appointment as proxy. He criticised Kotlár’s incompetence in conducting any investigation in this area. He also pointed out that a similar investigation is already being carried out by the Slovak Prosecutor General’s Office. The Christian Democratic Movement (Slovak: Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie, KDH) has also called Kotlár a “conspiracy theorist.”

For those who know that governments across the world have committed crimes against humanity in the name of covid, the appointment of an “anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist” to lead the investigation means that Slovakia will be one of the few countries, if not the only country, in the world where hopefully a proper investigation into the “covid circus” will be carried out.

The Slovak Spectator reported that according to a motion filed by Prime Minister Robert Fico, the task of the proxy will be “to carry out coordination tasks aimed at assessing and analysing the lawfulness, economic efficiency, purpose and efficacy of measures approved in relation to the covid pandemic in 2020-22.”

The motion goes on to state that the management of pandemic measures was characterised by failures to protect basic rights and freedoms.  Kotlár’s goal will be to ensure that “similar failures by the state” do not happen again.


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