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So what conclusions could you come to here then?

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has supplied Russia with spare parts for airplanes and helicopters worth 370 million rubles despite "sanctions".

🇺🇦The Ukrainian Kharkov machine-building plant exported the most parts to Russia – 120 million rubles.

🚁The Kiev Radar plant is selling radar components for Russian Ka-32 helicopters worth 67 million rubles.

🛩 The Motorsich enterprise supplied An-24 and An-12 engines to Russia.

🛫The Kiev Artem plant, the Kharkov Aggregate Design Bureau, the Volchansky Aggregate Union sold aircraft parts to Russia for 170 million rubles.

🇷🇺 Amongst the importers of Ukrainian aviation parts are clients such as the Russian Ministry of Defense, enterprises of the Rostec state corporation and even Vladimir Putin's own Presidential special flight squad "Rossiya".

✈️In total, during the war the Ukraine has sold Russia aircraft parts worth at least 650 million rubles. In addition to Ukraine, Russia has been importing aviation parts from France, UK & the USA.


So, what could you make of all of this?

Is the Ukrainian Regime supplying Russia with the means of destroying the Ukrainian Defence Force to the last Ukrainian?

Whilst the Kyiv regime continues to send Ukrainians - now including women, children and old men to the front to be slaughtered - is Russia colluding with Ukraine to further depopulate the country?

So, while Ukraine sends spare parts to Russia, to enable them to manufacture armaments, Ukraine targets drones and missiles into Russian territory to give the impression that they are serious about hurting Russia. Seriously?

Remember, both sides of most wars since the early 20th century, have been funded by international conglomerates. American and Western companies funded the Russian Revolution and then later, armament factories in Nazi Germany while sending arms and equipment to the Soviet Union.

"I don't know what our government or our commanders are thinking" - a captured Ukrainian fighter explains that the soldiers don't want to fight

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