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Styx - Renegade

The cabal have been selecting presidents for a very long time. This difficult truth is a redpill that is tough to get down. It must be known that in 1933 when the Corporation, known as the US govt (Title 28 USC 3002 15), went bankrupt it fell under the ownership of 150+ financiers mostly foreign.

Presidents are selected, NOT ELECTED, by the oligarchy that own the Corporation. This corporation is a world empire known as "The Empire of Cities". This Corporation has three heads. London controls the currency. The Vatican controls the religious aspect. D.C. controls the military.

All 3 are corporations. In fact after America's govt was corporatized in 1871 then fell under cabal ownership in 1933 this conquering was used as a blueprint to do the same WW. Look at, and read the list of nations whose central bank is a privately owned corporation funded by the IMF/World Bank to verify.

The political class are third tier on the WW ponzie pyramid. Socialite class, such as Hollywood, contracted musicians, "stars", are the second tier. These are usually the abused offspring of the first class's rituals.

These people are sick.

What does "God's children are not for sale" really mean to you?

Who is that powerful statement directed at?

[They] held half the world's finances.

We held the other half.

The advantage is ours. Due to our numbers.

Division is the preferred tool of the cabal to nullify our advantage. The way the people unified after 9/11 is the thing that stopped the spark to depopulate the planet.

Here we are 20+ years later and the eugenicists are at it again, Folks.

Together we win.


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