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The Belt And Road Wars For A Multi-Polar World Order

This film is about the Great Reset from One World to a Multi-Polar World Order.

The bankers who run the world have created a new fake paradigm to create an endless war, one in which the ultimate goal is the subjugation of the citizens.

The new wars are fought for no territorial expansion, but to create weapons of war that are eventually used on the citizens themselves by the puppets of the bankers.

These same bankers fund both sides of every war and are creating a new paradigm of East versus West, Eurasia versus Anglo-American Empire of the Old-World Order.

This paradigm much like the left versus right paradigm is fake and hides the true nature of the more sinister agenda.

The bankers create the wars by funding both sides and are currently paving the way for the great reset to the Belt and Road initiative.

Further, they are creating the massive Cyber-Kingdom of Israel at the center of a new Eurasian superstate and driving immigration to Israel to further their territorial expansion.

Cities like Neom are being built while the city of San Francisco crumbles.

There are no countries just one monetary system of systems.

This is the documentary you should definitely not watch.


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