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'The Great Taking' is a not-for-profit documentary produced by former hedge fund manager, David Rogers Webb, which alerts us to the privately-controlled Central Banks' preparations for the inevitable financial collapse.

'The Great Taking' exposes the scheme by Central Bankers to subjugate humanity by taking all securities, bank deposits and property financed with debt.

Webb takes us on a 50-year journey of how the Central Banking systems have secretly put collateral confiscation schemes in place, making everyone from all walks of life vulnerable when the inevitable financial collapse comes. The fine print is revealed in this shattering documentary.

As Webb outlines, "It is now assured that in the implosion of the derivatives complex, collateral will be swept up on a vast scale.

The plumbing to do this is in place. Legal certainty has been established that the collateral can be taken immediately and without judicial review, by entities described in court documents as 'the protected class'.

The shattering documentary produced by David Rogers Webb, based on his book, alerts us all to the privately controlled Central Banks’ preparations for the inevitable financial collapse.

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