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“The Khazars are hiding behind the Jewish religion” :

“The Khazars are hiding behind the Jewish religion” :

“When we start talking about the NewWorldOrder, we are talking about the KHAZAR WARRIORS that only PRETEND to embrace Judaism”

“The #Khazar warriors’s goals are to CONQUER, RAPE and PILLAGE. This philosophy has come down over time and we see how effectively they have implemented it throughout history”

“They went to some real Jewish people for education and used their Hebrew alphabet as phonics to codify their KHAZAR language, which is called ‘YIDDISH’ and that is NOT Hebrew”

“The Khazars get one of their people hired in a position of authority or power and then that person starts getting all the others in, until THEY’RE RUNNING THE SHOW and MILKING everyone else”

“Mayer Amschel BauerBerg AKA Rothschild, a Khazar, formed a financial enterprise with 12 others with the intent of conquering EVERYONE and EVERYTHING with FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING!!

Rothschild sent 5 of his sons to control central banks in different regions of the world”

At the financial level, Rothschild and the 12 other Khazar families control the world through banking.

We are up against EVIL GENIUSES that have a playbook on how to infiltrate and tear down countries while they profit off them. They infiltrate and take over the most important positions in any country they are targeting. The Central Bank is the most important power structure for them. Then comes the media. Then comes the judiciaries, military/police force and government. Then they set up NGO’s that our taxes get sent to by our fraudulent politicians to assist the mass propaganda on the population.


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