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‘The Metropolitan Police Finally Admit They Know What’s Going On’ and ‘It’s All Being Suppressed.’

Have The Metropolitan Police finally admitted they know what’s going on out there? asks former police officer Mark Sexton who later tweeted on the X platform “The Metropolitan Police the biggest police force in the U.K., admit they know there are issues out there re the vaccines and it’s all being suppressed.”

Mark Sexton came to this conclusion following his recent call to the Metropolitan police crime desk/victim focus team where he asked for an update on crime number 01/62447/24. This was the crime number he was issued following his criminal complaint at Acton police station, London on Friday 8th of March 2024 for allegations against Sir Graham Brady MP, Dame June Raine, The MHRA, Pfizer and the U.K Government, for misconduct in public office, misfeasance in public office, gross negligent manslaughter, corporate manslaughter and fraud by false representation.

Dr Mike Yeadon had contributed to the complaint and had written a supporting letter at at this time (Our report here.).

Later in the month of March, Mark emailed the MI5 office regarding “serious concerns and that we were being subjected to terrorism.” and the very next day received a call back from an officer who was reminded of the Terrorism Act and why Mark had concluded that this was what had occured in the UK. He said at this time:

‘All evidence clearly points to a preplanned, well funded attack, not just in the UK but around the world against the people. This is with the knowledge, and forethought of governments, civil servants, regulators and the media and we can prove that.” Mark asked: “How does the anti terrorism organisation and MI5 plan to deal with this information because it is a clear act of terrorism?

These criminals need to be arrested..…’ (Our report on this update can be read here)

New Update

“It’s clear they know and allow it to continue.” Mark has said and continues:

“MI5 and The Anti Terrorism Unit know also and they are ignoring all correspondence and refuse to engage any further.A complaint was made to The Met, acknowledged and yet again I’m being ignored despite their promises to contact me within 48 hours.

The Metropolitan Police are clearly complicit in these heinous crimes, they’ve been given every opportunity to act and protect the public from harm, injury and death.How on earth can the British police knowingly turn a blind eye and watch its people die and suffer?It is absolutely right and in the public interest for me to share this. To the Constable on the call, I’m sorry, I know I gave my word not to release this and I’ve broken my promise but I was left with no choice. Many lives have already been lost and more are at risk, there has to be accountability and remedy for the millions of victims.

To the British public, let it be known that all Chief Officers and Constables of all rank know what’s going on, they follow unlawful orders by being told to do nothing and refuse to help and support us, the public, the very people who pay them.In the absence of a functioning, caring, legitimate or lawful policing system we have every right, in law, to protect ourselves, our families and our property.”

Mark Calls The Met

Mark has recorded his most recent conversation with the Metropolitan Police, which he says he had to edit to remove all personal and private information. You can listen to this below.

Lawyers of Light

The Lawyers of Light group have spoken to Mark Sexton about his visit to the police prior to this call and the issue of misconduct in public office.

Here are their thoughts and they say they would welcome other lawyers adding to this.

It is well known and provable that only a temporary authorisation for supply of Pfizer’s injectable had been granted at roll out in the UK, not a full marketing authorisation. As such the injectable was not even legally classed as a prescription only medicine.

It is also now known from the SA Pfizer contract that the contract clearly stated that the efficacy and side effects of the injectable were unknown.

A prudent or reasonable man would have told the public of the temporary authorisation, what it actually meant legally, and the lack of safety and efficacy claims in the contract for supply, that had been signed by the UK Govt.

Public officers are held to a higher standard than the ordinary prudent reasonable man.

Failure to reveal the above led to the injury of and deaths of people taking the injectable. It clearly isn’t safe and as the contract stated, the safety profile was unknown, and therefore could only come to light after people had taken it. This is what is known as a massive gamble with people’s lives.

Misconduct in a public office may involve a positive act or an omission in circumstances where action is required. In Dytham (1979) QB 722, for example, a police officer was held to have been correctly convicted when he made no move to intervene during a disturbance in which a man was kicked to death. (

See definition of misconduct in public office below:

Lawyers of Light assert “We think it’s that simple. We would be pleased to hear from other lawyers on this issue.”

We Must Protect Each Other and Lawfully Take Back our Country From These Criminals.

However, Mark concluded that It’s never been more clear, nobody is coming to save us, not the police, nor the military or the judiciary. It’s up to us, the people, to come together as one, we must protect each other and lawfully take back our country from these criminals.We must do this for all of our children, to safeguard them and guarantee they have a happy, prosperous and safe future and their freedom is of paramount importance.”


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