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The Shocking Truth About Skin Cancer: What You’re Not Being Told About the Sun

The Shocking Truth About Skin Cancer: What You’re Not Being Told About the Sun

Is everything we’ve been told one big fat lie? The answer seems to be a resounding yes.

While the public is constantly told to avoid the sun to prevent skin cancer, what they’re not telling you is that sunlight is arguably the most important nutrient for the human body.

And get this: avoiding sunlight can double one’s risk of dying prematurely, and it also increases the risk of all other cancers.

Sunlight also:

• is critical for mental health

• reduces the risk of breast cancer

• is vital for cardiovascular health

• increases one’s longevity

So, why all the fearmongering? The answer seems to be “follow the money.”

A Midwestern Doctor writes:

“A remarkably sophisticated public relations campaign was launched to transform society for the benefit of [the dermatology] industry.”

The demonization of the sun has “allowed the dermatologists to cast themselves as heroes and to stir up as much anxiety as possible about the sun—especially as a psychological investment they had to make constantly putting sunscreen on would make them more likely to go to their dermatologist.”

Moreover, the skin cancer fear campaign has created “a massive sales funnel by being allowed to do a massive number of routine full body skin exams (on otherwise healthy individuals) and hence have a huge pool of potential cancers to biopsy or excise (remove).”

Lastly, the war against sunlight has allowed them “to piggyback onto the fear the medical industry has marketed around cancer to justify charging a lot of money to do something questionable to prevent cancer and having every patient go along with it the second they hear the dreaded ‘c’ word.”

So, there you have it. Now, you understand why they want you to fear the sun.

Read the entirety of this masterful article by A Midwestern Doctor here:


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