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They Have Lied To You About Sunshine

Bill Gates wants to block out the Sun in order to help with climate change, by dispersing nano particles into the stratosphere.

How is this dim the Sun technology different from Chemtrails?

The process seems to be exactly the same as we are seeing in our skyes everyday, but no one questions what they see in the skyes. Most people think that those are from the commercial airlines.

Watch what happens after a couple of hours of spraying, the weather turns from sunny to cloudy and you feel weird from the poison you are breathing. It looks like a grayish, cloudy layer that gets stuck there, it neither rains nor it gets more or less cloudy.

Now the real question what critical thinkers should ask, why in the world does Billy want to block out the Sun if the supposed global warming or climate change is driven by human activity and carbon emissions?

For a smart person, either he has a wisdom of a goldfish, or there is something much more sinister behind it, it's up to you to decide.

🌞Enjoy The Sunshine 😊🌞 😎

Dr Lorraine Day who cured herself and many others from cancer and other diseases naturally.


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