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🚨 WARNING🚨 - Tony Seruga on X

I’m a 38 year intelligence analyst, my clients include the United States Government, British Government, Israeli Government, Saudi Arabia Government, NEOM, Microsoft, Dell Computers, GE, IBM, General Motors Corporation, The Scott Fetzer Corporation, Dutch East India Company, Procter & Gamble, Raytheon, Mastercard, Walmart, Northrop Grumman, Berkshire Hathaway, General Dynamics, BAE Systems, Standard Oil, Saudi Aramco, et al.

Intelligence is NEVER perfect. It’s a messy, messy business. Rarely can I ‘guarantee’ the intelligence. Many times just releasing it in the wild can stop a false flag or genuine attack. But with as close to 100% confidence as possible, there WILL be terrorist attacks in the U.S.

The attacks will come in waves for the next 14 months. Hundreds of thousands of CCP saboteurs and at least a million terrorist are already here from Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, etc., etc., and they are very well funded but in addition, the Biden Administration with the UN has given them debit cards that are reloaded every month.


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