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ULEZ-type cameras arriving in Australia ready for eco-fascist state control on movement

ABOVE: The cameras spotted in Melbourne.

SIGHTINGS have been made in Victoria, NSW and WA of new AI traffic cameras that can easily switch to the totalitarian ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone) system imposed on British motorists by the woke City of London Corporation and its globalist Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan.

The stand-alone camera units come with solar panels to help the data mining operation that will inevitably used to extract revenue for greedy state governments. against the cameras.

The UK anti-ULEZ protest movement is growing and now involves direct action

The ULEZ cameras, which detect and instantly fine or “tax” non-electric or older vehicles AUD$24 a day in certain zones at certain times, have sparked a physical public backlash by “blade runners”, with some 600 cameras reported as being attacked and disabled in various ways.

Aussie Speeding Fines posted pictures on Facebook of a truck in Melbourne carrying a shipment of cameras labelled “Sensor Traffic AI”. Keyboard warriors did not take long to track the equipment down to Sensor Dynamics Portable Traffic Detection System, which “consists of cameras and sensor mounted on a portable and self contained platform”.

“The system utilises renewable energy sources as well as cellular or satellite communications, making it suitable for even the most remote locations,” the website reported. Oh great, now Big Brother can monitor traffic “anywhere, any time”.

Other posters said the ULEZ-type cameras had been set up along the Kwinana freeway in Perth “right up and into the city”. According to Sensor Dynamics the cameras provide data on licence plates, “AI vehicle classification”, speed, Wim (weight in movement) integration, bridge monitoring and lane compliance.

London’s ULEZ system “coincides” with the arrival of the fanatical deep green cults Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion, who annoy the hell out of road users by sitting on roadways in front of traffic because they believe oil will cause the global ecosystem to collapse in the next few years.

Just Stop Oil is a spearhead movement similar to various eco-terrorist movements that have pushed the global green agenda through the 70s and 80s. These groups sabotaged logging equipment, for example, in order to champion the idea that all trees are the “lungs of the planet” and must be protected. That idea eventually made its way into the “vegetation protection” legislation we see everywhere today.

So now Just Stop Oil is pushing the “no fossil fuel” agenda, contrary to the fact that our current functioning economies are built on the ability to use concentrated hydrocarbon energy as petrol and diesel to move people and produce quickly and efficiently between countries, regions, cities, businesses and institutions. Taking away that hydrocarbon energy without an equally efficient energy source to replace it is like taking away blood from a body.

The “progressive” mindset, as reflected by The Guardian newspaper, is outraged that even mainstream politics such as British Conservative Party (Tory) members are supporting attacks on the ULEZ cameras.

Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith backs the blade runners of his east London constituency destroying cameras because they have been lied to by Mayor Kahn who is seen as a Muslim attacking Londoners’ way of life. The new MP Steve Tuckwell is also an administrator for Facebook groups urging people to join in ULEZ camera destruction.

Last month Guardian columnist Pooly Toynbee fumed that ‘blade runners’ claim to have so far destroyed 600 cameras of the “3000 needed” to enforce the new ultra-low emission zone now covering all of Greater London. She complained that The Mail, Telegraph and Sun have been “whooping up the actions of Captain Gatso and his balaclavaed vandals as they tear down cameras and cut cables”.

But why the alleged need for ultra-low emission zones? Sadiq Kahn and his green extremists claim London air is “toxic” because of traffic. Kahn even trotted out an African woman who claimed her daughter, aged 9, “died from air pollution in 2013”, and said she felt “relief” that the ULEZ camera expansion “had finally happened”. An inquest found she died from an asthma attack.

Londoners posting on The Standard’s feedback page were under no illusions that the ULEZ cameras were a money grabbing operation. Diesel vehicles already pay extra in road tax and the ULEZ zone has already been expanded out of the city to the M25 Orbital motorway where the cameras click away as thousands of vehicles pass by like grocery items under supermarket scanners.

Toynbee says only one in 10 vehicles is affected by an ULEZ notice “with scrappage grants for most people”. And nitrogen dioxide levels along roads are now alleged to be 21% lower in inner London areas and 46% lower in central London. Yes, there are always statistics to justify their latest taxes and other impositions on people.


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