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Welcome to Rockefeller Medicine

This is what they give people in hospitals across the world when they can't eat and have to take IV "nutrition".

Soybean oil, rancid oxidized fish oil, purified egg phospholipids, glycerol, and even 25mcg of aluminium per litre, right into your veins. The combination of the aluminium with all these substances is most definitely going to facilitate some autoimmune disease, especially with the purified egg.

You know what's even more horrifying? This is allowed for all ages, including infants from birth to 2 months old. During the clinical trials from the original US approval in 2016, some pre-term infants died, with autopsy findings showing an accumulation of intravascular fat in the lungs.

When you investigate the studies looking into the adverse reaction profile and safety, they did the EXACT same thing they do in vaccine studies.

One group gets the SMOFlipid injection, and then the comparator group gets just a soybean oil lipid emulsion with no other ingredients. If they compared the lipid emulsion IV to a simple bag of saline, it would be abundantly clear that it's causing inflammation, heart problems, anaemia, vomiting, liver problems, diarrhoea, and sepsis that they saw in the trials.

This is what people call modern medicine. It's the furthest thing from medicine and is just barbaric and homicidal, with it being predicated on fraudulent garbage science that is basically just advertising at this point to sell the product to the FDA for approval and then widespread use in hospitals.

Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, and that is a very conservative estimate. When you fully factor in treatment protocols like this, in conjunction with how we treat heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc, it's incredibly easy to understand that the US medical system, which extends to the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, is BY FAR the leading cause of death.

Welcome to Rockefeller medicine.


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