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WWIII ALREADY HAPPENED – There were millions of deaths, plus likely over a billion casualties that are still stacking up

World War III already took place, but instead of firing shots from guns, the "shots" were all fired via mRNA injections, in the Bioweapons War, and you won't believe the death toll and the casualties that have piled sky high. Did someone you know die by vaccine in the INJECTION WAR, or are they still alive and suffering from PVSD – Post Vaccine Stress Disorder?

Nobody got "drafted," except influencers and the nurses and doctors who used "technology" to inject billions of deadly, vascular clogging spike PRIONS into the blood and brain of innocent "civilians." Just like walking into the gas chambers to be put to sleep for good, but instead, it's the hospitals, doctor's offices and pharmacies – who knew?

"Fighting" broke out in the winter of 2020, and spread all around the globe. Rogue governments (including the O'Biden Regime), communists and eugenicist globalists, teamed up with the "IG Farben" Pharma conglomerates of today, namely Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and J&J, and wreaked havoc on the health of more than two thirds of the entire populace of human civilization.

Hundreds of millions of people are dropping dead like flies in a haze of pesticide, only the poison has been voluntarily injected into their heart, organs and brain in the name of protection from a lab-concocted virus.

In World War III, there were no bombs, no tanks, no missiles fired and no boots on the ground, except the ones of dead people whose spike proteins clogged their blood and lead to "unexplainable sudden death syndrome." No medical doctors anywhere can figure out how so many humans, healthy or not, are simply dropping dead the past four years. No, it's not the War on Terrorism, or the War on Drugs, or even a War with Russia. It's the War of Twisted Medicine, and the insidious and stealthy Vaccine Holocaust is STILL underway.

Millions of "soldiers" are still on the front lines of World War III and getting chewed alive in the "meat grinder"

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, makes people feel stressed, anxious, afraid and depressed well after the "danger" has ended. Some people who suffer from PTSD develop new and even more severe signs months or even years later. In that regard, it is quite similar to PVSD, post-vaccination stress disorder, where spike proteins and microscopic graphene particles cause malfunctions of the central nervous system (seizures), the immune system (VAIDS), the vascular system and the heart (myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, rubbery vascular clots and strokes), the reproduction system (spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, low sperm count), and the cognitive system (belief that more vaccines [and masks] will save you from sickness and death).

Take a look at the death and casualty tolls from previous wars, and you can see that their totals pale in comparison to the bioweapons' mass destruction and genocide of World War III. The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was estimated to be about 40 million, with 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded. World War II was the largest and most violent war in human history, with battle deaths surpassing 15 million military personnel, plus civilian deaths at near 40 million.

The Korean War stacked a death toll of over 3 million fatalities and even more civilian deaths than WWII or Vietnam. Vietnam conflict deaths racked up to around 1.6 million. Then another 300,000-plus died in the Iraq War, and another 250,000 deaths in the Afghanistan war zone, with over 70,000 civilian deaths. Then came the most deadly war of all, which is still underway.

WWIII "civilian" deaths and injuries by mRNA vaccines and hospital protocol, including ventilators and Remdesivir, is over 35 million and still stacking up

Covid is NOT over, because besides the SIX MILLION avoidable deaths worldwide, there are more than 35 million "vaccine" deaths so far. Official government "protocols" worldwide were literally designed to kill, and we're not just talking about the deadly clot shots, though that's a huge part of it all.

Fear-based "medicine" was the ultimate genocidal weapon of World War III, and the poison is still infecting billions of people around the globe. Got chronic inflammation so bad that your cancer, arthritis, blood pressure and PTVD is worsening daily? Surprise, surprise. Don't forget, back in 2021, Leftists on Twitter wanted all the fully unvaccinated people everywhere to be murdered. Oh, yes they did.

Meanwhile, civilian casualties, or those suffering from Long-Vax-Syndrome, are piling up, getting worse and putting thousands six feet under daily. Got PTVD? Call it "civilian casualties." It's those spike proteins that travel throughout the vascular system, despite what quack medical doctors claim to the contrary, and clog up the blood, organs and brain.

Now is the time to bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on World War III and the experimental gene therapy injections that lead directly to vascular clots, hypertension, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes, PCVS, SPS, Long-Vax-Syndrome and death.


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