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  • Research: Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It Research confirms radiotherapy drives invasiveness within cancer, as well as the power of natural substances to strike to the heart of cancer malignancy. An important study reveals both the abject failure of conventional radiation treatment for cancer, and the very real possibility that blueberries contain a curative compound far more effective than anything modern cancer specialists have available to them to strike at the very root of cancer malignancy. Published in the journal eCAM and titled, "BlueBerry Isolate, Pterostilbene, Functions as a Potential Anticancer Stem Cell Agent in Suppressing Irradiation-Mediated Enrichment of Hepatoma Stem Cells,"[1] researchers reported two major findings: 1. Irradiation of liver cancer cells (hepatoma) with the same type of radiation used to treat cancer patients resulted in enriching the highly malignant cancer stem cell subpopulations, as well as cell properties associated with increased invasiveness and treatment resistance. [see figure 1 below] 2. The addition of pterostilbene, a stilbenoid chemically related to resveratrol and found in blueberries and grapes, suppressed the adverse changes associated with irradiation. The figure above shows the enrichment of the CD133 cell marker, and list of 5 additional cellular markers (e.g. c-Myc) indicates enhancement of "stemness" (i.e. malignancy) following radiation treatment. In order to fully appreciate the significance of these findings, one must first understand what cancer stem cells are. Cancer Stem Cells As far as back the mid-19th century, researchers observed that cancer tissue looked like embryonic tissue, and formulated what is known as the embryonal rest theory of cancer (ERTC).[2] According this theory, cancers grow out from a small collection of embryonal cells that persist and do not differentiate into mature adult cells. While the past century has been dominated by the view that cancer is a de-differentiation of adult cells that through repeated arbitrary damage to their DNA have gone 'rogue,' the recent discovery of a small population of stem cells within most cancers, capable of differentiating into all the cell types found within various tumor samples, lends support for ERTC. Furthermore, it underscores just how misguided our views and treatments of cancer have been since the official 'war on cancer' was declared by Nixxon in 1971. If cancer is not strictly a chance byproduct of multi-mutational DNA changes (known as 'internal Darwinism) but a highly organized hierarchy of cells created and governed by the cancer stem cell, then using what amount to weapons-grade materials of mass destruction (chemoagents and radioisotopes) to further drive mutagenesis and cause fatal collateral harm to the patient makes little sense. Indeed, the ERTC/Cancer Stem Cell explanation is very important, as it explains the mechanism behind the abject failure of the modern chemotherapy and radiation-based standard of care. Conventional cancer treatments were almost exclusively developed using animal models, where a therapy's effectiveness was determined by its ability to shrink tumors. Animal models, however, are entirely inappropriate when it comes to understanding human cancer because the average rodent life span does not exceed two years, and therefore tumor relapse is exceptionally difficult if not impossible to study. When applied to human physiology, conventional chemotherapy or radiation treatment will effectively 'debulk' a tumor ('fractional ablation'), creating the appearance that the 'war is being won,' when in fact the stem cell population within that tumor has either been enriched, or worse, has been supplemented through de novo transformation of non-tumorigenic cells within a benign or indolent mass into cells with cancer stem-cell like properties, i.e. the theoretically infinite ability to self-renew. This, of course, means that years after the original treatment, the small population of highly invasive and malignant cells can reappear somewhere else in the body, which the conventional cancer establishment often categorically denies as being linked to the original cancer (this is not unlike the re-emergence of an antibiotic resistant infection). If a patient makes it past the '5-year- survival mark' post-treatment they are considered 'cured' and any new cancer defined as being of novel origin and written off as unrelated to the original treatments. Cancer Stem Cell-Targeted Therapies Hold the Key And so, the emerging acknowledgment that the treatments themselves either enrich and/or create cancer stem cells, and that natural compounds have the ability to selectively kill ('selective cytotoxicity') only the cancer stem cells, hold as much promise to the victims of cancer as it does liability to those who have been in the 'medical dark ages' for so long, causing massive collateral damage and iatrogenesis in their patients all in the name of 'saving them.' The new study, in the conservative tradition of peer-reviewed and published science related to oncology, suggests that pterostilbene should be used as an adjunct or complementary treatment with radiotherapy. However, we believe* that the obvious conclusion is that radiotherapy should be discontinued entirely in favor of a truly intelligent cancer stem-cell targeted treatment protocol, in combination with profound dietary and lifestyle changes consistent with using food, detoxification, and mind-body therapies to adjust the bodily environment (and by implication, the tumor microenviroment) so that cancer proliferation and cancer stem cell formation is not encouraged, but discouraged. For additional research on Radiotherapy's ability to dramatically increase cancer malignancy up to 30-fold, view our article on the topic: Study: Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant. Blueberries have already been found to cause programmed cell death (apoptosis) within in the significantly more virulent triple negative breast cancer cell lines,[3] and an accumulating body of research reveals that the blueberry phytocompound resveratrol has the ability to kill dozens of lethal cancer types, including targeting the cancer stem cells within them. Blueberry is Only the Tip of the Fruit Bowl In total, our project has identified no less than 27 substances with experimentally confirmed cancer stem cell-killing properties. View them all here on our research page dedicated to the topic: Cancer Stem Cell-Killing Substances. Also, you may be interesting in reading another article on the topic: Are Cancer Stem Cells the Key to Discovering a Cure? Incidentally, the best way to defeat cancer stem cells is to avoid their generation and promotion in the first place. This is why the above-mentioned page on cancer stem cell-killing substances also includes a list of problematic environmental exposures associated with cancer stem cell creation, including chemotherapy, low oxygen (hypoxia), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, alcohol and surgery itself. As the subtitle of the book I co-authored articulates so clearly, "Cancer Killers: The Cause is the Cure," meaning, removing the "cause" is the "cure." *This opinion is not to be substituted for, or misinterpreted as, medical advice from a licensed health care practitioner. It represents a personal viewpoint, that the author applies only to his own life, which is all he is legally empowered to affect. References [1] Chi-Ming Lee, Yen-Hao Su, Thanh-Tuan Huynh, Wei-Hwa Lee, Jeng-Fong Chiou, Yen-Kuang Lin, Michael Hsiao, Chih-Hsiung Wu, Yuh-Feng Lin, Alexander T H Wu, Chi-Tai Yeh. BlueBerry Isolate, Pterostilbene, Functions as a Potential Anticancer Stem Cell Agent in Suppressing Irradiation-Mediated Enrichment of Hepatoma Stem Cells. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2013 ;2013:258425. Epub 2013 Jun 26. PMID: 23878592 [2] Sadhan Majumder, Stem Cells and Cancer, 2009, page 8 [3], Blueberry Kills Triple Negative Breast Cancer Originally published: 2013-08-04 Article updated: 2019-07-08

  • World Health Organization Study concludes risk of suffering Serious Injury due to COVID Vaccination World Health Organization Study concludes risk of suffering Serious Injury due to COVID Vaccination is 339% higher than risk of being hospitalised with COVID-19 A new study endorsed by the World Health Organization has found that the risks of mRNA Covid-19 vaccination heavily outweigh the benefits, with scientists discovering a person is on average 339% more likely to suffer a serious adverse event such as cardiac arrest, stroke, or death due to the Pfizer Covid-19 injection than they are to be hospitalised with Covid-19. In 2020, prior to the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, the ‘Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations’ and ‘Brighton Collaboration’ created a priority list, endorsed by the World Health Organization, of potential adverse events relevant to COVID-19 vaccines. The list comprised adverse events of special interest (AESIs), adverse events associated with prior vaccines in general, theoretical associations based on animal models, and Covid-19 specific immunopathogenesis; the process of disease development involving an immune response or components thereof. The World Health Organization’s Global Advisory Committee both endorsed and recommended the reporting of AESIs based on this priority list. Just some of the Serious Adverse Events included in the W.H.O endorsed list Source – Page 19 Scientists then sought to investigate the association between FDA-authorized mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and serious adverse events identified by the Brighton Collaboration, using data from the still ongoing phase III randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials on which emergency authorisation was based. Scientists discovered that in the Moderna trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (15.1 per 10,000 participants) greatly surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group (6.4 per 10,000 participants). This means recipients of the Modern injection were and are 140% more likely to suffer a serious adverse event than they are to be hospitalised with Covid-19. In the Pfizer trial, the excess risk of serious AESIs (10.1 per 10,000) surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalisation relative to the placebo group (2.3 per 10,000 participants). This means recipients of the Pfizer injections were and are 339% more likely to suffer a serious adverse event than they are to be hospitalised with Covid-19. Source – Page 15 Combined, the mRNA vaccines were associated with an absolute risk increase of serious adverse events of special interest of 12.5 per 10,000 (95% CI 2.1 to 22.9). The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for Covid-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials (2.3 and 6.4 per 10,000 participants, respectively). The combined risk reduction for Covid-19 hospitalisation equates to 4.35 per 10,000 participants. Therefore, recipients of mRNA Covid19 injections were and are on average 187% more likely to suffer a serious adverse event than they are to be hospitalised with Covid-19. The scientists who conducted the study noted how when the FDA reviewed serious adverse events (SAEs) in relation to the Pfizer vaccine they concluded that SAEs were “balanced between treatment groups”. But in contrast to the FDA’s questionable review, the scientists who conducted the W.H.O. endorsed study found an increased risk of all-cause serious adverse events in the Pfizer trial. The full World Health Organization endorsed study can be viewed in full here, but the scientists concluded that a systematic review and meta-analysis using individual participant data should be undertaken to address questions of harm-benefit in various demographic subgroups. However, they note that to do this full transparency of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial data is needed to properly evaluate these questions. But unfortunately, well over a year after the widespread use of COVID-19 vaccines, participant-level data remain inaccessible. With the FDA attempting to delay the release of some of this data for 75 years.

  • Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda CHD Films Presents — The chilling, harrowing story of how a World Health Organization (WHO) population control experiment, under the guise of a vaccination program, resulted in the sterilization of millions of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent. A film by award-winning filmmaker Andy Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense. Watch the chilling tale of African women whose fertility was tragically stripped away through an experimental tetanus vaccination program. Are women everywhere next?

  • Light: A Vital Nutrient Light is the fundamental component from which all life originates, develops, heals, and evolves. Light waves are frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that directly stimulate the sense of sight. Most energy comes from light, which travels at approximately 671 million miles/1,080 million kilometers per hour, or 186,282 mi/299,792 km per second. Without light, oxygen, and water, all life on earth would cease to exist. Light waves that include the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet are full-spectrum light. This term was conceived in the 1960s by photo-biologist Dr. John Ott to describe electric light sources that simulate the visible and ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. It also includes all light wavelengths used by plant and animal life. Sunlight is full-spectrum even though the solar spectral distribution reaching Earth changes with the time of day, latitude, and atmospheric conditions. The importance and value of sunlight are symbolized in every major civilization and religion. For example, the great pyramids symbolize sunlight radiating to the earth, and the cross symbolizes sunlight simply radiating. Throughout history, many cultures worshipped the Sun for its healing powers. In Heliotherapy, full-spectrum sunlight is utilized to treat physical and mental problems. A prominent light-therapy pioneer of the 1890s was Niels Finsen, of Denmark. In 1903, he was awarded a Nobel Prize, for being the first person to treat skin tuberculosis successfully with ultraviolet light. During the 1920s, Dr. Harry Riley Spitler developed a form of light therapy called Syntonics. This type of light therapy uses different proportions of the visible light spectrum to treat an array of bodily conditions via the eyes. The work of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Nobel Laureate and the discoverer of vitamin C) showed that light waves from the Sun, including ultraviolet (UV) rays, provide energy for plants to photosynthesize the substances necessary for growth. In the same way, light waves also provide energy and health for the proper functioning of biological systems in humans and animals. The eyes are the entry points through which light has its profound effect on the regulations of human physiological and emotional functions, fertility, and the development of consciousness. The hypothalamus receives light energy through the eyes and coordinates and regulates most of our life-sustaining functions. It also initiates and directs our reactions and adaptations to stress. The hypothalamus is composed of two zones and maintains harmony within the body. While one zone controls the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates hormone production, the other controls the parasympathetic nervous system and inhibits hormone production. The pineal gland is the body’s light meter. It receives light-activated information from the eyes via the hypothalamus in the brain and then sends hormonal messages throughout the body. The pineal gland is located between the two brain hemispheres and behind and above the pituitary gland. Even though the pineal gland is the size of a pea, its functions are vast. BEWARE! Fluoride added to many medications, water supplies, crop sprays (e.g., cryolite on grapes), and a poultry deboning process hardens the pineal gland and disrupts its functions. This, in turn, affects hormone production and all other gland functions. The pituitary, referred to as the master gland, is also stimulated by light. The anterior pituitary affects the thyroid, adrenal cortex, testes, ovaries, breasts, muscles, internal organs, and the growth of long bones. The posterior pituitary affects mammary glands and kidneys. The health of these glands and the proper balance of light waves (without glasses) are the main factors in preventing hormonal imbalances, depression, infertility, various types of cancers, and numerous other diseases. Many people suffer from chronic malillumination because of pollution and our modern-day indoor lifestyle. Like malnutrition, this creates imbalances in the ability to function as a healthy human being. In addition, artificial lights, (e.g., fluorescent lights), sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses, window glass, tinted glass, and tanning lotions distort absorbed light waves. Many well-known studies show that distorted light waves cause depression and hormonal imbalances. Fortunately, some manufacturers produce sunglasses, contact lenses that do not distort light waves, and full-spectrum lighting products. A 1980 study by Dr. Fritz Hollowich showed that humans sitting under distorted light waves experienced a drain of energy and produced the stress hormones ACTH and cortisone. These hormones, when produced often, act as growth inhibitors and weaken the immune system. Through time-lapse photography taken for Walt Disney, photobiologist Dr. John N. Ott discovered that the radiation from distorted light waves harms plants, animals, and humans. Without sufficient daylight, plant, animals, and humans become unhealthy and susceptible to diseases. There is no question the UV light in large amounts is harmful. However, in trace amounts, as in natural sunlight, it acts as a life-supporting nutrient that is highly beneficial. Ott, a pioneer in his field, believed light to be the missing link in cancer research. He has written many excellent books on the subject and founded the Environmental Health and Light Research Institute and Ott Light Technologies in Tampa, Florida. Studies done by Dr. Ott and others reveal that artificial light (giving off distorted light waves) contributes to agitated physical behavior, fatigue, cell mutations, infertility, and reduced mental capabilities. This knowledge has been taken seriously in most Scandinavian countries and Germany, where they installed full-spectrum lighting in schools and public buildings. In the United States and other countries, many schools and public buildings built from the 70s to the late 90s were designed like prisons without windows, then furnished with unhealthy lighting. Full-spectrum lighting should be mandatory in all schools and public buildings. Light waves are in accord with humans, and it is no coincidence that people love the Sun. Humans have higher concentrations of electrons than other organisms. Electrons serve as the resonance system for the Sun’s energy. The Sun’s energy is enhanced even more with the consumption of electron-rich foods. Foods containing essential fatty acids, especially unrefined, organic flax seed oil, provide a rich source of electrons. Because electrons have a negative charge, they orbit around cell nuclei, which have a positive charge. Electrons in motion produce an electrical charge. This, in turn, generates a magnetic field. Essential fatty acids, protein, and natural daylight combined are necessary for this process. This electrical current is what keeps the heart ticking and the blood circulating. It also adds to our charisma, sex appeal, and magnetism. Kirlian photography and Electro-photonics, based on a Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, substantiate this. GDV Bioelectrography, developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, of St. Petersburg, Russia, goes beyond Kirlian photography. Dr. Korotkov is an expert in Bioenergy and has done a great deal of research into this for over four decades. He has also published over 200 papers on physics and biology. For more information, go to: It is known in physics that minerals, chemicals, and drugs absorb light waves. Plus, all chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and drugs, including medication, caffeine, nicotine, and fluoride, accumulate in fatty tissue and bones. These chemicals disrupt electrons in the cells. Damaged fats (abundant in processed and fast foods), burnt or seared food, and refined sugar also disrupt electrons in the cells and create free radical damage (glycation). When photons (lightwaves) penetrate the skin, they react with these chemicals and drugs and become distorted. Brown spots or glycation are a common symptom of this cell damage. Thus, the chemicals or drugs in the body distorting the lightwaves and disrupting the body’s electrons cause free radical damage. In turn, this leads to cell mutations, cancers, and various other degenerative diseases. Hence, the Sun is not entirely responsible for skin cancers, as is often claimed. In fact, skin cancers are more prevalent in cooler regions and among those who use sunscreen. Many sunscreens contain toxic ingredients such as octinoxate, oxybenzone, octocrylene, or paraben compounds. They also produce free radicals leading to cell damage or other skin or systemic diseases and cancers. Sunscreen sprays have the additional danger of being inhaled. When minerals absorb photons, unlike chemicals or drugs, the Sun’s full-spectrum light waves are not distorted, and electrons are balanced. Thus, they can facilitate the body’s electrical system (e.g., the heart) and enhance cellular functions. In addition, antioxidants, omega 3 EFAs, and vitamin C, in particular, balance the electrons and help repair and rejuvenate cell damage. In 1981, a climate of fear started with UV studies at the Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, USA. Monkeys, in a cruel experiment, were tranquilized. Then, their eyelids were pried open with lid clamps. With their pupils dilated, researchers beamed light from a 2,500-watt xenon lamp into their eyes for 16 minutes. This intense light contained high levels of UV radiation. After these monkeys received a highly abnormal and abusive exposure to ultraviolet light, there was some retinal damage. Normally, their pupils and eyelids would adjust to protect their eyes, as the pupils and eyelids of humans do. Soon afterward, the multi-million dollar sunglass business was born, and people have been duped ever since. The more you wear sunglasses, the weaker the eye muscles get, and the more sensitive the eyes become to sunlight. Stop using sunglasses unless you are in the snow or at high altitudes. Do eye exercises to strengthen and repair eye muscles. Use a hat if you need shade. Similar studies on abused laboratory animals concluded that UV light causes cataracts and skin cancer. With such extreme and abnormal conditions and abused animals, their conclusions cannot be considered accurate. Vitamin D is known as the ‘Sunshine’ vitamin because the body produces it during exposure to sunlight. Sunshine vitamin D is one of the best cancer preventives. Thus, all the slip, slop, slap, and cover-up from the Sun that many medical authorities have been promoting to prevent skin cancer are, ironically, contributing to it. The benefits of sunshine vitamin D have been known for decades. Dr. Matthias Rath’s E-Bulletin, Sep 14, 2007, reported that vitamin D cuts early death risks, reduces cancer risks, and boosts the immune system. LONDON (Reuters) – People who have regular exposure to sunshine vitamin D have a significantly lower risk of dying earlier than those who do not, according to research published. Philippe Autier of the International Agency for Cancer Research in France, and Sara Gandini of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, found that vitamin D lowered total mortality rates. Researchers doing a meta-analysis review of 18 separate trials, which involved nearly 60,000 patients, found that vitamin D blocks cancer cells from spreading and boosts the immune system. Sunshine, with its full-spectrum light waves entering the body via the skin (unlike supplement vitamin D), provides the most effective source of vitamin D. Vitamin D produced from sunshine is an essential hormone required by the body for: The proper absorption of calcium Teeth and bone development Control of cell growth Neuromuscular functions Alleviation of inflammation Vitamin D regulates the immune system and helps prevent breast cancer. Sunlight contains large amounts of UV radiation. Depending on the wavelength, UV light is either near UV (UVA), mid-UV (UVB), or far-UV (UVC). Near-UV, directly adjoining the violet end of the visible light spectrum, is responsible for the tanning response in humans. Mid-UV activates the synthesis of vitamin D and the absorption of calcium and other minerals. Far-UV, mostly filtered out by the earth’s ozone layer, is germicidal, killing bacteria, viruses, and other infectious agents. There are tremendous health benefits from exposure to a certain amount of ultraviolet light. UV Light: Activates the synthesis of vitamin D, a prerequisite for the absorption of calcium and other minerals from the diet Lowers blood pressure Increases the efficiency of the heart Improves electrocardiogram (EKG) readings and blood profiles of individuals with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) Reduces cholesterol Assists in weight loss by improving thyroid function Is an effective treatment for psoriasis Is an effective treatment for some diseases Kills infectious bacteria (e.g., tuberculosis) Increases sex hormones in both men and women (These wavelengths are also a vital factor in fertility and fetal development, as was shown by Dr. Ott’s research.) Activates solitrol, a vital skin hormone and form of vitamin D (Solitrol works in conjunction with the pineal hormone, melatonin. It also affects mood changes, 24-hour circadian rhythms, and seasonal reproduction. Solitrol influences many of the regulatory centers as well as the immune system). Helps with mental depression (A lack of this vital nutrient is a significant factor in why so many people suffer from depression. People who wear dark sunglasses are particularly vulnerable.) Full-spectrum light from sunlight or full-spectrum indoor light is needed daily. The amount of direct sunlight exposure is individual. Blue-eyed blonds and redheads should begin with brief exposures to sunlight. Brown-eyed people can sunbathe for extended periods. Sunbathe with caution. Never burn or get too hot. If it feels too hot, get out of the direct sunlight and go into the shade. Wear a hat for protection. Light waves at different times of the day provide the benefits mentioned above. Morning lightwaves are particularly beneficial. To help protect the skin from sun damage, keep the body hydrated by drinking plenty of pure restructured water. and Consume a sufficient daily amount of quality protein and foods rich in silica, essential fatty acids in balance, and natural vitamin A. Also, take antioxidants and avoid harsh soaps, caffeine and other drugs, damaged fats/oils, fluoridated water, GMOs, gluten, chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Balance the effects of full-spectrum light with an equal amount of complete darkness for melatonin production and other hormonal functions. To obtain vitamin D and maintain good health, nourish your body daily with full-spectrum light: the vital nutrient that radiates from sunshine. Full-Spectrum Light Products in the USA: Craig Frank 1 800 842-8848 1 800 354-5596 1 800 354-1044 1 800 786-6850 Jules Klapper, Cutting Edge/Befit Enterprises Ltd. 1 800 497-9516 Low Blue Light Bulbs, Amber Polycarbonate Fit-over glasses, and books are available from: 1 216 397-1657/1641. These unique products, developed by Dr. R. Hansler, PhD, Mr. V. Kubulins, M.S., & Dr. E. Carome, PhD, enable the body to produce melatonin while viewing screens at night time. Hooga Amber Low Blue Amber Sleep Lightbulbs Hooga Amber Sleep Light bulbs & Red light therapy. In New Zealand, full-spectrum light bulbs are available at a few electrical outlets. Most electrical outlets in Australia are not as familiar with full-spectrum lighting. However, they suggested that daylight bulbs are closest to full-spectrum. In Europe and Scandinavia, go to specialty outlets for full-spectrum lighting. References: Ott, John N., Light Radiation & You; Devon-Adair, Publishers, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830, USA; 1982 Ott, John N., Health and Light, The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Man and Other Living Things; Devon-Adair, Publishers, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830, USA; 1973 Kime MD, MS, Zane R., Sunlight; World Health Publications, Penryn, CA 95663, USA; 1980 Adler, Vera Stanley, The Finding of the Third Eye; Samuel Weiser, Inc, York Beach, Maine 03910, USA; 1938, 1968,1970 & 1991 Liberman O.D. PhD, Jacob, Light-Medicine of the Future; Bear & Company Publishing, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-2860, USA; 1947, 1991 Rath, Matthias, PhD, MD, Dr. Rath’s Health Alliance E-Bulletin, Vitamin D Supplements Cut Early Death Risk: Study CA USA; 2007 Hansler, PhD, Richard L., Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!; Published by Richard L. Hansler, Ohio, USA; 2008 Hansler, PhD, Richard L., Heroes of Cancer Prevention Research; Published by Richard L. Hansler, Ohio, USA; 2012 © 2022 Lady Carla Davis

  • 5G is a weapon system and a crime against humanity, says Mark Steele “Putting tens of millions of 5G antennas, without a single biological test of safety, has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world” – Professor Martin Pall Professor Pall is wrong, Mark Steele said in a 15-page report: “It is not a stupid idea but a heinous crime if one understands the motive behind this deployment. 5G is a compartmentalised weapons deployment masquerading as a benign technological advance for enhanced communications and faster downloads.” “The 5G network has the capability to target acquire and attack the vaccinated due to their nano metamaterial antenna Covid-19 vaccine. Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) require the 5G networks to maintain their geo-position and navigate their environment to the target; these weapons cannot rely on satellite communications due to the potential for inclement weather events and signal latency to disrupt their signals so they must have localised 5G networks.” Steele clarified the definition of a weapon, it’s “a device, tool, or action that has been fashioned to cause physical or psychological harm in breach of the primary legislation.” “The compartmentalisation of weapons systems development has played a crucial role in not alerting those within the regulatory authorities and telecommunications industry to the real purpose and intentions of those ultimately driving and funding the deployment of 5G and biological chemical weapons masquerading as Covid-19 vaccines for a planned control and command kill grid. “The world is blindly following the plans of the technocratic elite and the military-industrial-pharma complex to terminate large numbers within populations across the world with no regard to the primary legislation. “5G is a weapon system, a crime against humanity so monstrous that even an educated person would find it unbelievable on first inspection of the facts. The prima facie evidence of this globalist depopulation agenda is unequivocal and should be tested in the courts so that the conspirators involved in this murderous plan can be brought to justice. This is the greatest crime ever to be perpetrated on mankind and all of God’s creation.” Expert Report on Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions in the Context of Nanometal-contaminated Vaccines that include Covid-19 with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas, Mark Steele, February 2021 Who is Mark Steele? Mark Steele is a British engineer, inventor, patent writer and weapons research scientist. He has written an extensive biography in the introduction of his February 2022 report on 5G in the context of nanometal-contaminated vaccines. His biography includes: “Cyber Command USA had been made aware of my expertise and specifically requested my advice with regard to an unusual 5G antenna design deployed across the USA. I have been extremely fortunate that most (but not all) of my research and product development work has been carried out outside of the Official Secrets Acts (OSA) legislation. I have acted as a witness and provided statements in several court cases, exposing the lack of any credible evidence that the 5G light-emitting diode (LED) network and planned neural connection to the 5G grid are safe. This includes nano metamaterial technologies that are contaminating vaccinations, that are not legal or lawful, and that breach a number of international and domestic laws.” However, his highest accolade, for those who are aware of the globalist propaganda machine, comes from Wikipedia which has as its opening gambit: “Mark Steele is a British conspiracy theorist.” Steele prepared his February 2022 report at the request of “international lawyers.” His report is packed with information, detailing a wide range of 5G-related topics including radiation-induced Covid-19 symptoms, vaccines, augmented humans and a broad range of risks associated with 5G including risks to health, infrastructure and national security. We have selected a mere three of the numerous points Steele makes in his report and, using the links he provided, expanded on them. Attached below is a copy of Mark Steele’s report. You can also find this report on the Save Us Now website HERE. mark_steele_expert_report_5g_radiation_emissions_in_context_of_nanometal Download 5G and Aviation Risks Towards the end of last year, the aviation industry, including Boeing and Airbus, raised concerns over 5G due to its capability to endanger passenger aircraft. Airbus Americas chief executive, Jeff Knittel, and the Boeing boss, David Calhoun, co-signed a letter to the US transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, detailing the US aviation industry’s shared concerns over 5G implementation in the United States. “Airbus and Boeing have been working with other aviation industry stakeholders in the US to understand potential 5G interference with radio altimeters,” which measure a plane’s height above the ground, the statement said. Leading telecom operators Verizon and AT&T were due to start using 3.7-3.8 GHz frequency bands on 5 December, after obtaining licences worth billions of dollars in February. But they postponed the launch in November after the US aviation regulator expressed concerns over 5G signals’ possible interference with the altimeters. Airbus and Boeing express concerns over 5G interference in US, The Guardian, 21 December 2021 “Typically, the 5G antenna design uses a larger power input and directed output to deliver focused, high-power data compression signals,” Steele explained, “passenger aircraft that do not have the military mitigation technologies in a civilian setting to protect their pilots or aeroplane flight control systems against directed energy emissions.” 5G and Privacy Violations Steele explained “Backhaul,” or “wireless transport,” in the context of 5G as the term used for the technologies that enable data to be interrogated and uplifted from multiple devices and environments simultaneously. Ceragon Networks “is the global innovator and leading solutions provider of 5G wireless transport.” Quoting a 2020 Ericsson 5G microwave report, Ceragon states that about 38% of all global telecom sites will be connected to the rest of the network via wireless backhaul, by 2025. This corresponds to 62% when excluding the fibre-dense countries China, South Korea and Japan. Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2020, Enhancing 5G with microwave, October 2020 An example of backhaul technology that Steele gave in his report, is THIS patent for a “technique and device for through-the-wall audio surveillance” filed by NASA in 2005. This particular patent was later abandoned but the patent’s citations to other patents may be interesting to those who wish to investigate a little deeper. Technique and device for through-the-wall audio surveillance, US20050220310A1 “This patent, one of a number that confirms the capability to interrogate sound and voice emissions through buildings to gather data on an unsuspecting population using electromagnetic hardware and software systems, are all part of the vast 5G toolbox,” Steele noted in his report. 5G and Health Impacts 5G deployment is underway by governments across the world in all cities and towns without any of the obligatory prior environmental impact analysis or public insurance for instruments of harm, Steele wrote. In a previous article, we wrote about the UK government’s contempt towards 5G health impacts implying that any suggestion there were health risks are “5G conspiracy theories.” However, to the UK government’s shame, it is yet again to be proved wrong. In 2010 Lloyd’s Risk Assessment Team published a report, ‘Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones: recent developments’. “Due to the potential long-term impacts of EMF exposure on health, there are so far no definitive conclusions as to whether EMF is harmful or not,” Lloyd’s stated. Lloyd’s report concluded: Lloyd’s Emerging Risks Team Report: Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, recent developments, November 2010 In 2019 Principia Scientific reported that Lloyds of London had excluded from their policies any negative health effects caused by wi-fi technologies. And other insurance companies were following Lloyds’ lead. Why? “Lloyd’s November 2010 Risk Assessment Team’s Report gives us a solid clue: the report compares these wireless technologies with asbestos, in that the early research on asbestos was ‘inconclusive’ and only later did it become obvious to anyone paying attention that asbestos causes cancer. “Today, MANY more recent peer-reviewed scientific studies show a range of serious damage caused by these wi-fi frequencies. 5G brings a quantum leap in damage – to DNA, to cell mitochondria, and much more.” Lloyds Insurers Refuse To Cover 5G Wi-Fi Illnesses, Principia Scientific, 12 February 2019 In 2012, 29 authors from around the world, including 10 with medical degrees, 21 PhDs and 3 master’s degrees wrote the BioInitiative Report. The authors concluded: “Bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. Bioeffects can occur in the first few minutes at levels associated with cell and cordless phone use. Bioeffects can also occur from just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts (cell towers), WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters that produce whole-body exposure. Chronic base station level exposures can result in illness. Many of these bioeffects can reasonably be presumed to result in adverse health effects if the exposures are prolonged or chronic. “There is good evidence to suggest that many toxic exposures to the foetus and very young child have especially detrimental consequences depending on when they occur during critical phases of growth and development (time windows of critical development), where such exposures may lay the seeds of health harm that develops even decades later.” The report reviewed approximately 1,800 studies which reported: * abnormal gene transcription; * genotoxicity and single-and double-strand DNA damage; * stress proteins because of the fractal RF-antenna like nature of DNA; * chromatin condensation and loss of DNA repair capacity in human stem cells; * reduction in free-radical scavengers – particularly melatonin; * neurotoxicity in humans and animals, carcinogenicity in humans; * serious impacts on human and animal sperm morphology and function; * effects on offspring behaviour; and, * effects on the brain and cranial bone development in the offspring of animals that are exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy. In the ten years since the 2012 BioInitiative Report was published, hundreds of new peer-reviewed research papers have been published. A clear majority of studies report biological effects (“E”) as opposed to ’no effect’ (“NE”). On their home page, BioInitiative has summarised the results of 2022 studies. BioInitiative: Reported Biological Effects, Henry Lai’s Research Summaries In 2019, the World Health Organisation estimated that approximately 30% of the population in first-world countries is exposed to high levels of electromagnetic frequencies (“EMF”) and succumb to its harmful effects. And in December 2020, NBC News reported that ‘Havana Syndrome’, the mysterious neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats in China and Cuba, was likely caused by pulsed microwave energy. They know. They have always known. As Steele wrote: “The telecoms industry and other regulatory bodies have continually denied the real purpose and existence of the radiation dangers posed by the deployment of 5G technologies; they have actively misled the public by issuing demonstrably false press releases through local and national media, as well as by making false statements in courts in failed attempts to discredit experts, including myself.”

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